TailorWay: the UK’s largest independent fashion App, is the brainchild of three young fashion entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to ensuring the long-term survival of British independent fashion businesses on our high streets.

Keyvan Nosrati and Mo Hussain, two of our young founders, have spent their entire adult life working in the bespoke men's fashion industry both in London and Devon, and have a solid understanding of the challenges (and opportunities) facing the independent fashion industry in both urban and rural settings. Having started at the bottom of the retail ladder they both excelled in their own right and rose to become senior members of retail management.

In 2017 Keyvan and Mo seized the opportunity to make a long-term, positive difference in saving the British high street and took the plunge and founded TailorWay. Joined by Neal Lodhia, an expert legal mind, corporate negotiator and Angel Investor, our three dedicated founders set out to design a website, App and suite of services to bring the same advantages enjoyed by larger fashion businesses and chain stores to the proud independent high street businesses.

Finding securing external funding for a fashion company to be impossible; Keyvan, Mo and Neal took the calculated risk and poured their life savings into turning TailorWay from a concept into a commercialised business. Proving their concept to funders they successfully secured the funds required to launch the company to the public in February 2019.

Their commitment and dedication has proven well founded and TailorWay is now the largest online resources for consumers to find independent fashion businesses on the British high street and have secured a huge range of partners to bring “chain store advantages” to independent businesses independent of their location in the UK.

Seeing for themselves the positive effect TailorWay has had on the British high street has further energised them to take their solution to saving independent high street businesses to international markets and other industries in 2019.

The journey to saving our high streets starts here… with TailorWay.

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