The British high streets were traditionally filled with independent businesses providing the highest level of service to their local communities, however over recent years their numbers have been continually dwindling. TailorWay believe this trend will result in the death of the traditional British high street and the expertise and pride of the small business owner – they truly understand their products to a level many chain stores could only dream off.

What’s the TailorWay advantage?

TailorWay understand that for our independent shop owners to be successful they need access to two things: increased customer numbers (footfall) and access to a dedicated suite of partners to best ensure their success.

TailorWay have negotiate relationships with some of the best British companies who share our values and dedication to ensuring the survival of the British independent fashion businesses.

These partners are experts in providing the services independent businesses require and have offered preferential partnerships to enhance TailorWay listed fashion businesses opportunities for longterm success.

How do I access these Partnerships?

If you are listed on TailorWay already simply click the services you want to hear from below, enter your contact details and press submit. TailorWay will do the rest. Concerned about the cost of being given these opportunities? Don’t be – TailorWay businesses can access all our partner offerings at no additional cost.

Business Planning


Business planning, marketing plans and business plans aren’t just boring documents you write to get money, they are integral to the success of independent businesses. Talk to one of our partners to find out why.



Looking for a business friendly bank? They honestly do exist and TailorWay have cultivated these relationships to help our member businesses.



Businesses need access to a full spectrum of financing products able to support their business at every phase of growth. TailorWay have brought together some of the best finance partners able to bring a full suite of financing solutions to best ensure your independent business can take advantage of any opportunity (subject to meeting partner T&C’s)

Insurance (Business)


The right business insurance can protect your business and yourself from unforeseen circumstances. Let our partners discuss the options with you today.

Insurance (Health)


Independent businesses can be drastically affected by their small business owner suffering a medical issue. Best protect you, your business and family by discussing health insurance with our partners.

IT Support (Equipment)


Businesses are run by dedicated individuals though ever increasingly driven by technology. When technology fails the effect on independent businesses can be significant. Our partners are well placed to not only solve issues, but also stop them from happening in the first place.

Websites & E-commerce


It’s official, the internet is here to stay. Not having a website and taking advantage of selling your products to customers near and far is a recipe for disaster. Why not talk to our Partners about new projects and saving money on existing sites.

International Money Transfer


Do you buy products or services outside the United Kingdom? If you do you’ll understand the fees involved can be horrendous. Take a few minutes and discover how these can be reduced by talking to our partners (especially if you normally use a high street bank).

Digital & Social Media Marketing


Not everyone knows exactly what this is or why it’s imperative for small independent businesses, though they understand how much time they spend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in their free time. Learn how to use these tools to further your business objectives.

Accessing Grants


Have a project in mind and wondering if there is a Government grant to help with the costs? Don’t waste valuable time on Google, let one of our partners help you.

Research & Development


Most if not all businesses carry out research and development. Are you claiming your tax incentives from HMRC? Confused? talk to our partners.



Yes there are understanding and useful accountants though we agree locating them isn’t always easy. TailorWay can ease your pain and introduce you to our vetted partners.

Legal Advisors


We’ve never met anyone who likes dealing with solicitors, apart from perhaps our solicitors, though at times they can simple be the only way to solve a legal question or business issue.

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Premium Service

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Premium Service comes with all the exciting and beneficial functions and enhancements to make your business stand out from the crowd.

  • Up to 5 services per vendor
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