You’ve found TailorWay so we are going to safely assume you have a love of fashion and a wish to purchase your clothing and accessories from independent British fashion businesses instead of large national and international chains.

Thank you! You and individuals like you across the United Kingdom are the reason why the British high streets are still in existence and are the true backbone of the British economy. Without shoppers looking to make their purchases on our traditional high streets they’d be no need for high streets and that would be a shame.

So why use TailorWay ?

  • Access the products you want. Can’t find the exact items you’re looking for? Look no further. With the TailorWay App you can search for the local businesses selling the types of items you’re looking for from your exact location and working outwards.
  • Find new and exciting shops. Perhaps your new to the area or on holiday and you want to find something special. TailorWay can bring unique fashion and accessories to your fingertips, at the touch of a button.
  • Find unique offers. That’s right TailorWay has offers that can only be used by our loyal users.
  • Support your local small businesses. Without you they’d not be able to offer the range, selection and choices you deserve. Help them help make your life more enjoyable and of course, fashionable. Together with TailorWay you can help secure the future of the British high street
  • Search for your fashion needs here